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sad little ice people

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I'm looking for a fic, I don't remember if it was long or short but there's a moment where Stiles is at his mother bedside at the hospital, she asks him to call the nurses, she shows him a button and explains that he has to press it repeatedly, until the nurses come. He does as he's told but it's the button of the morphine pump not the call one. And that's why he blames himself for her death. Do you know which fic it is?


Hi! By the description you gave it sounds like a really hurtful fic and suprisingly enough I cannot remember ever reading one like that. Does anyone know? :(

This was gonna bug me until I found it.

It’s Cross our bridges when we come to them by RemainNameless.

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I don’t know why but I really like the idea of Derek who for reasons he doesn’t understand can still transform into a full wolf (not that he ever could in canon but let’s assume it’s an alpha thing that he could do and that he can still do as a beta/omega/whatever he is now)

And he changes into a wolf and goes into town and people sort of just pet him, feed him scraps, call him a good boy, and he needs that so much and that’s the only way he gets it. No one touches him when he’s a person. No one tells him he’s good or praises anything he does. People love dogs unconditionally and immediately but they don’t do that to other people.

And then one day he comes across Stiles, and Stiles does like everyone else, pets him, praises him, gives him some food and water, and for some reason getting that attention from someone he knows is something he needs more than from strangers. He ignores the fact that Stiles doesn’t know it’s him and would never say those things to him if he knew, not if he were in his human form.

He “runs into” Stiles several times a week for about a month and it’s great. He eats up the attention. Basks in the praise and the gentle way Stiles coos at him, “You’re so good. Such a good boy.” Pants happily as Stiles scratches behind his ears and strokes the thick fur between his shoulders.

Then one night, after a movie and pizza with everyone at Stiles’ place, Stiles is washing the glasses and Derek is drying them and Stiles turns to Derek with the water running, and says quietly enough that supernatural ears in the next room can’t hear, “You are good, you know.”

And Derek stills, panics, can’t breathe, can’t look at Stiles because holy shit how long has he known? He’s so embarassed.

Stiles continues talking though. “You’re a good person. You do good things. You’re good.”

And maybe Derek looks at Stiles, then, because he didn’t hear a lie in those words, he can tell Stiles is being sincere even though he doubts his own senses. Stiles is looking him in the eye and saying, again, “You’re good, Derek. You don’t need to look like a dog to hear it from me.”

And Derek’s face crumples a bit, because he thought it was great hearing it from Stiles before, but now Stiles is saying it to his face, saying his name, placing his open palm (wet, maybe soapy, but that’s okay) to Derek’s face and moving his thumb over Derek’s cheekbone and Derek huffs, remembers to breathe, and Stiles pulls him into a hug.

idk this is just a thing I think about a lot.



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Reblog if it is 104% okay to come to your ask and just say ‘Hi can we be friends and then start asking you random questions.

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tyler's losing eonline(.)com/news/526712/alpha-male-madness-2014-vote-in-the-sweet-16-now


Tyler Hoechlin is up against Toby Regbo in Alpha Male Madness 2014 and he is currently losing with 47.95%.

You can go and vote here.

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Alpha Male Madness 2014: Vote in the Sweet 16 Now!


please vote, don’t forget to add the word at the bottom to make sure you’re human.

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Night In The Maze by ribkaDory

Finally finished! :D Thomas from The Maze Runner, a scene from the first book (:

Don’t ask me why the beetle blade has so many legs

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My Tumblr Crushes:
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The amazing attraction of the sink.

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baby husky and its tennis ball

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